SEO functions for your website just as a heart functions for your body. It draws traffic that acts the same way blood acts in the human body. Just as no one can live without a heart, no website can sustain itself without SEO. No matter, how much value your content is it will neither be read nor be appreciated until you make it visible to the outside world. In fact, SEO steps in at this stage and makes your content noticeable.

SEO experts suggest certain guidelines to bloggers who want to make their content unique and conspicuous to enjoy more traffic. You must apply these recommendations while writing a post for your blog and I am sure you would create a valuable piece of writing to attract your audience.

Create your topic

I would not use the word “choose” but “create” because whenever you create a topic it is always unique and original. Create a topic that would develop the reader’s interest in the content. Ask yourself what you want to read and generate your topic accordingly.

Accept the competition

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Check what is drawing traffic to their website and what is their strategy. Do not copy them but use this information to develop your strategy. You can either try to snatch their audience or work on points that your competitors are lacking to capture an audience that is still free.

Go with the wind

Check out the latest trends and never miss a chance to get to know what people are searching for nowadays. It is the key that provides you away into the competition. You must offer what is selling like hotcakes. Revive your website with recent trends and it will definitely drive readers to your content. In fact, search engines crawl your website every time you add new content.

Follow the keywords

Keywords show you the trend that internet users are following. Follow the keywords and you will definitely be noticed. Use keywords for titles, blog posts, meta tags and etc. Everybody who uses the internet runs searches using specific words and to capture the audience you must capture the right words.

Be a blogger, not a writer

A blogger is what you need to be because a good blogger knows how to stand out in the competition and get ranked by search engines. On the other side, a writer may write well but does not necessarily know the techniques to get noticed by search engines.

Use the right word count

There is no specific word count that your post must follow because it depends upon your topic and the number of posts. SEO experts in Pakistan suggest using at least 500 words for a blog post to present everything in the post that is worth mentioning and that would generate readers’ interest. Remember the rule of thumb, neither go too long to lose the interest of your audience, nor too short to miss out what your audience want to read.

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