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SEO Services in Pakistan

Our SEO Services

The SEO Syed team specializes in the provision of a wide range of services that can be acquired at a reasonable price. We offer everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEA (Search Engine Advertising), SMM/SMO (Social Media Marketing/Optimization), and even WordPress blog development. A list of the services that we offer can be seen below.

Pay As You Rank

Our “Pay as you rank” system works by allowing you to acquire preliminary audit and keyword suggestions from our side, followed by a minor down payment. After that you only require paying us when your keywords have better search engine visibility.

Our search engine optimization services are directed at providing our clients with better search engine visibility by popularizing their links via social media, directory submissions, off-page and on-page optimization, as well as with the use of other various techniques that can help you increase indexing, crawling and rank higher in major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others.

Keyword Research and Advertising

To be able to rank higher, you need a pool of good keywords to focus on, which can effectively drive your business to success. Many people are unaware of the keywords that they should target and their potential benefits. We at SEO Syed provide effective keyword research to help you identify the most profitable keywords for your business. These keywords are identified based on the number of searches being performed for them and their KEI value.

We also offer keyword research advertising, which is used to advertise certain keywords by various mediums such as pay per click (PPC) and cost per action (CPA).

Complimentary Services

We also provide our clients with various complementary services, including effective stats delivery and usage of tools such as Google Adwords, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Places and more.